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It is sometimes necessary to develop a performance-based design to meet the intent of the Model Codes in lieu of a prescriptive-based design from the Model Codes. This is sometimes because the Model Codes do not specifically address each Client’s facility, the prescriptive-based design is not feasible to design/construct, or the prescriptive-based design is not economical. 

Performance-Based Design is the application of science and engineering to design fire protection and life safety in buildings, taking into account the specific characteristics of the building under consideration, rather than applying generic “checklist” requirements found in prescriptive building and fire codes that may not be appropriate due to a building’s unique characteristics.

Performance-based design provides greater freedom than conventional prescriptive methods ny emphasizing science, engineering, calculations, and modeling rather than arbitrary “checklists” of prescriptive requirements that can lead to significant reductions in construction costs and maintenance costs. Shaver fire has the expertise to prove the performance-based design meets or exceeds the governing code’s prescriptive design requirements and can present the design to the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

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I would like thank you for your valuable support during construction at the Fort Loudon and Melton Hill dams for fire pump projects. Keep up the good work!

Just a note to let you know that we're very happy and pleased with the project you engineered. Thanks and great job!