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Below you will find some examples of Shaver Fire Engineering & Design Projects.


Client Says

Hear from Shaver Fire Customers and Clients.

I would like thank you for your valuable support during construction for the fire pump projects. Keep up the good work!

Just a note to let you know that we're very happy and pleased with the project you engineered. Thanks and great job!

    We hired Shaver Fire Engineering and Design to help us with an inspection report on a remodel. Derrick Shaver put together a detailed and professional report for us. The engineer stamped report and follow up inspection letter was very helpful and well received by the city of Knoxville. Derrick Shaver was great to work with and always available throughout the whole process. Thank you Derrick!

    I can’t speak highly enough of Derrick Shaver. We were in a time crunch and needed a fire safety engineer to inspect a building we were renovating. It was a sudden request and he responded very quickly. Understanding the urgency of the request he even came out on a Sunday and made several site visits. He was very knowledgeable and prepared a detailed report which the City of Knoxville inspectors were impressed with. He met with the inspector and was always professional. I highly recommend him and will continue to use his services in the future if they arise. If you need someone to help you identify fire separation issues and suggestions while dealing with the city, Derrick is your guy.

      Great to work with! Extremely helpful and Timely!

        New Fire Pumps

        An additional fire pump was needed for a new fire suppression system. A vertical turbine fire pump was designed and installed in a water intake structure to draw water from the well below. Shaver Fire gave support throughout the construction process and was on-site for commissioning and testing.


        Historic Fourplex

        A historic duplex was under renovation to turn the duplex into a 4-unit multifamily rental. The building required fire separation between the units and did not fully comply with codes. Shaver Fire performed an on-site evaluation, researched UL listed details and recommended modifications to the Owner and AHJ to meet the resistance rating. Attended multiple on-site inspections with the Construction team, realtor, AHJ, and Owner. The Owner obtained a Certificate of Occupancy within one week of Shaver Fire Starting the project.

        Fire Hydrant Additions

        A study was performed to determine different feasible options with estimated engineering and construction costs for installing a fire hydrant at and each option was presented to the Client. Piping had to be uniquely designed above ground due to Client restrictions on buried piping. A new water source had to be utilized at each facility because each facility was located in a remote area. Led the testing & inspection of entire system during commissioning activities

        New Firewater Storage Tank

        A new firewater storage tank was installed to supply new fire pumps. The tank was installed with an automatic refill system. In addition, the water refilling source did not supply did not have adequate pressure to refill the tank so a booster pump was installed on the water refill line. Piping was installed to and from the firewater storage tank.

        New Fire Pump Enclosure

        Two new electric fire pumps was installed inside the enclosure. The enclosure was designed with ventilation, heating, jockey pump, drains, valves, and piping to supply a new suppression system.

        Miss Julie's Learning Tree Academy

        Project consisted of evaluating a new daycare inside a mixed occupancy building. A Code Review was performed for the new daycare where fire barriers were required to separate the adjacent occupancy. In addition, HVAC Dampers and new fire alarm system were required. An Engineering Judgement was created for the fire barriers as a UL listed head-of-wall continuity detail did not exist for this application. New drawings were created using field measurements taken by Shaver Fire for TN State Fire Marshal's Office for Review & Approval. Drawings consisted of Fire Alarm, Mechanical, Life Safety, Architectural, and Overall site drawings. The complete analysis and design took 3 weeks to complete.

        Alternative Analysis

        Performed an on-site evaluation of the facility. Collected, interpreted data, and provided different options in order to reduce the sprinkler system water demand. Provided a detailed report with professional engineering seal seal

        Bid Specification

        Created a bid specification for new fire pump addition and sprinkler modifications for getting accurate, competitive bids from potential fire protection contractors

        Water Supply Analysis

        A local municipality was requiring a sprinkler system or a new firewater storage tank because they said the required fire flow from the utility was inadequate. Shaver Fire performed a calculation to prove that there indeed was enough fire flow available. This saved the Client $30,000 to $60,000 in not installing additional fire suppression components.

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